A creative jock?!

Advertising and sports are two very important topics in my life. I have been playing sports, specifically soccer, since I was four-years old. I can point out many weekends when sports would take over my weekends and most of my best friendships were made revolving around the topic of sports. Advertising on the other hand is something that I am very fond. It hasn’t been long since I acquired this love for advertising seeing as though when I was younger I was the one that would cry everytime a commercial would come on and interrup my favorite show. After I grew older I learned to appreciate the creativity that goes into running a successful campaing. I knew that this was what I wanted to do. Advertising became such a big role in my life that I decided to declare it as my major.

For this blog I decided that I would join two of my favorite topics to talk about so that I could analyze both of them at a deeper level. Growing up I would always watch soccer games with my dad and would notice that the uniforms on all of the teams would have tons of different brands on them. Some of the teams would be so full of uniforms that you wouldn’t even be able to tell what the colors of the teams were. I then noticed that in American sports, such as basketball, football, and baseball, advertising were not present on the uniforms. This really made me wonder why it is acceptable  to have so much advertising in some countries and sports and not in others. With these blog entries I hope to answer all of my questions and even learn more in depth about other sports that I am not knowledgable about. I am going to look into the different sports such as soccer, baseball, football, basketball, golf, tennis, volleyball, hockey, and others to find similarities and difference in all of them.

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