NFL says “No!”.. right?

While advertising can be found everywhere in sports such as soccer and hockey, other sports are more strict on what they want their audience to watch. For sports such as Football this is very important. The National Football League (NFL) has declined many offers from top named brands for years and trying to maintain the clean look on the jerseys. A spokesperson form the NFL who spoke to Maxine Shen said to believe that ads on jerseys would cause fans to speak up and be strongly against it. The reality is that advertising on your favorite Football jersey is a possibility in the next three to five years. According to the New York Post there is “more than $230 million in advertising money” that is up for grabs if the NFL lets sponsors buy space on NFL jerseys. This money has definitely gotten many sports franchises to begin talking about adding ad space to their jerseys. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, said in an interview,” that its more of the matter of how much, rather than if it happens.” According to Advertising Age, 20 English soccer clubs make over $155 million combined just by selling advertising space in their jerseys.

All of this money has led the NFL  to rethink their position on ad space and they have recently passed a new rule that allows advertising on the practice jerseys of teams. The Green Bay Packers and the Houston Texans were two of the first teams to jump on the opportunity.  Laura Sankey, senior vice-president of marketing and sales for Green Bay, called the possibility of selling advertising space on practice jerseys a “very meaningful” way for a sponsor to link itself with the team because, “a practice jersey patch is a very unique and visible way for a sponsor to be involved with training camp, the team and our fans.” With just two years after the NFL allowed teams to have ad space on their practice jerseys, about half of the 32 franchises have done so.

This is a very interesting topic for me because soccer, the sport that I watcht the most, is full of advertising on the jerseys and I have mixed emotions about the topic. Although in soccer I feel like the ads don’t take away from the jersey, I feel as though adding advertisements on the jerseys in the NFL would take away from the traditional view of the league. For  years the NFL has been fighting to keep this image clean and ad free and I would see it as a set back to give in to the money. I feel as though the fans would be outraged if the NFL were to decide to allow pasting a Pizza Hut logo on the front of Tony Romo’s jersey on the Dallas Cowboys. I do understand that business is business, so I have a strong feeling that the NFL will give in to the money and some of our favorite jerseys will be filled with some of our favorite fast food places. Money talks in todays times and there is plenty of money to go around in the advertising business. So my suggestion to all the fans out there that dont want to see ads on the football jerseys is to watch some soccer games or maybe even NASCAAR


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