Advertising Mania!

In no other sport is advertising more evident then in the world of NASCAR drivers. Not only are the cars filled with different ads but also the drivers themselves wear ads on their jackets and pants. NASCAR has taken a hands off approach on advertising and has incorporated to the lifestyle of NASCAR. According to the New York Times, NASCAR has not only made it easy for companies to promote and sponsor drivers, they also have the ability to sponsor races. Trackmedia Group did some research and found that:

  • 1 in 3 American adults follows NASCAR (75 million +).

  • NASCAR is broadcast in over 150 countries and 23 languages every weekend in season.

  • NASCAR races draw larger crowds than the Super Bowl, World Series and the NBA finals combined!

  • NASCAR is growing!

  • Race attendance has almost doubled in the last 15 years.

  • 6.9 million fans attended NASCAR Cup Series events in 2005.

  • 77% of NASCAR fans are between 18-54 years old.

  • 40% are women.


    With facts like these it is no wonder why NASCAR is such a hot commodity for large companies like M&Ms, Cheerios, Budweiser, Home Depot and others. Advertising plays such a big role in the races that most cars are now referred to by the brand that they represnt and not the model of the car or the driver. We can expect Joe Logano to be driving the Home Depot bright orange car right next to the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Budlight and AMP energy drink car. Comments like these are common in the world of NASCAR. According to the New York Post some companies that represent the same driver have even gone further and partnered with eachother. A great example is Best Western Hotels who made over $16.7 million just by partnering with other sponsors. “Best Western hotels now buy office supplies from Office Depot, use U.P.S. as their shipping carrier, and outfit employees in Cintas uniforms; those three companies, in turn, direct employees to book work-related travel at Best Western properties.” After hearing numbers like these one would think that NASCAR would never be struggling financially but the fact of the matter is that recently television ratings and race attendances are down. Not only that, but many big companies are trimming their NASCAR spending by as much as 30%. Hits like these have been affecting many different racecar drivers and forcing them to make adjustments in their choice of sponsors.

    The biggest reason why I chose to dedicate this blog to NASCAR was because I always wondered if this amount of advertising that is present to the public at once would work. Some reasearch done by Trackmedia Group shows:

  • Advertising to fans at live sporting events is more influential than television and the internet.

  • 82% surveyed agreed that participating in a live event is more engaging than other forms of communication.

  • 80% agreed they would be more likely to purchase after attending a live event.

  • 85% of participants would tell others of brand experience.

  • 81% agreed that it would make them more receptive to their marketing from the product/brand.

  • 80% agreed that it is more likely to give them information than other forms of communication.

  • 80% of NASCAR fans said that when they buy a NASCAR sponsor’s product, they feel they are contributing to the sport.

  • Out of all of the statistics the one that really caught my attention was that 80%  of NASCAR fans said that when they buy a NASCAR sponsor’s product they feel as though they are contributing to the sport. This just proved to me that by the brands relating the product so close to the driver and the car, the fans would associate the two  and make them want to buy the product in order to support the driver. I find it very smart and interesting the route that NASCAR took in allowing advertising in the sport. Companies see placing their ads on cars and drivers as a good investment because all the audience ever sees is the cars drive around in a circle over and over again. This causes the brand to be repeated numerous amount of times. Not only will the public be able to see the ads while the race is going but also in other stuff such as highlights and promotional pictures. Good job  NASCAR, I commend you on your ability to handle advertising the right way.

    In the video above we can clearly see that even though it is a Coca-Cola commercial, the fact there are so many other ads placed on the drivers gives the other companies free airtime and advertising spots.


    Track Media Group gave a detailed description and statistics of the importance of advertising in the world of NASCAR. It split up the statistics into two parts: Advertising Benefits and NASCAR Statistics to make it easier for the public to navigate between the two. (

    Newman, Andrew Adam. (2009, June 17). NASCAR Sponsors Find Customers in Other Sponsors. NY Times. Retrieved from:

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