Advertising the Golf Way

Golf is a sport that has come to life in recent years because of the extraordinary names that play the game today, Tiger Woods leading the way of course. An interesting thing to note though is that gold doens’t really involve much advertisement. Since golf has been classified as being for the older male and more of a past time and hobby than a sport, it is really hard companies and agencies to want to advertise their products in golf. The biggest way that golf creates an advertising buzz if by the use of infomercials. Infomercials are long-format television commercials that serve the purpose of informing the public on a certain topic and urge them to buy the product. Such is the emphasis on infomercials in the golf world that there are agencies such as The Golf Agency who’s “number one goal is to help you sell your product.” The Golf Agency boasts that they believe in an “efficient yet sophisticated design philosophy that allows your customers to easily learn and comprehend the information they need – and more important, make it easy for them buy your product!” This only goes to show how important infomercials are to the golf community. Many veteran players are always willing to better their swing or know the correct way to strike the ball, and there are many products in the infomercials that they can check out and see if they work. Some of the most highly accredited and successful golf infomercials include:

• Tour Striker
• Heavy Putter
• Sky Caddie GPS
• F2 Golf
• Jim Hardy’s The Plane Truth for Golfers
• Roger Fredericks Secrets to Golf Flexibility
• Eddie Merrins (The Little Pro) Swing the Handle

Although I admit that golf infomercials are very boring and repetitive, the fact of the matter is that they work because peole keep buying the product. Everyone always says that all infomercials are the same: that they include a new piece of equipment that will improve your game, show different graphs and animations to back up the data, and then give testimonial of how much they liked the product but even after knowing all of this information the consumer is still ansy to buy the product. The reason for this is because there are so many golf infomercials that many of them don’t get repeated so the product really is only for a limited time only like it says. I admire the way golf has used a different type of advertisement to get their messages across. Nobody really complains about the golf infomercials much anymore because it is what is expected. The infomercials are unique to golf and that is one of the biggest reasons why they are so successful.

Another important topic I wanted to touch on was Tiger Woods, arguably the most famous golf player in history.  Tiger Woods was signed to Nike brand from the time he went pro at the age of 21 in 1996 and has been a part of them ever since. Nike has practically taken over every aspect of Tiger Woods life. According to Forbes magazine, Tiger is also wearing Nike gear when he does endorsement deals for American Express, Accenture, General Motors, and Electronic Arts. The biggest demonstration of loyalty from a brand to player was probably demonstrated between Nike and Tiger Woods. When Woods was caught in the scandal with his personal life, he lost many endorsement deals and his career seemed to be taking a huge down fall. All of the major endorsement deals dropped him except for one, Nike. Nike stood by his side since the very beginning and even helped him clear up his image by coming up with a commercial that would cause sentiment in the public towards Tiger.

 This really shocked me because I never imagined that a brand would be so loyal that they would even use their own advertising to help a player out. This really made me think highly of the Nike company and how it managed the situation. Although it was a risky move by Nike in not knowing how their loyal customers would react, the fact of the matter is that even though they did lose some customers, the public reacted positively to the advertising commercial that was launched and Woods began to gain some fan base back.



DiCarlo, Lisa. (2004, March 18). Six Degrees of Tiger Woods. Forbes Magazine. Retrieved from:

The Golf Marketing & Advertising homepage described the importance of infomercials in the sport of golf. They also provide expertise in  product design, business development, and comprehensive media and advertising campaigns which allows them to further help their customers start up their business. (

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