All Mighty Super Bowl Ads

A successful campaign during the Super Bowl can make or break many companies because of how wide the exposure is. Many companies still take the chances because the positives outway the negatives. Regardless of how good or bad the commercial is people will remember it because of that. Superbowl ads usually rank really high in the Nielsen ratings reaching more than 90 million people. All of this exposure of course comes to a cost. Below is a chart from Business Insider in which they show how much a commercial during the Super Bowl has cost throughout the year.

As we can see in the chart, over all the prices for a 30-second ad has increased every year since 1967. According to CBS News, 2010 was only the second time in history that the prices declined from the previous year but it was still the most expensive on television. Many companies like Pepsi and General Motors decided not to participate because of the high prices and this made way to smaller companies like Snapple to take advantage of the millions of people who would be watching. Tim Calkins,  a marketing professor at Kellogg School of Management,  stated in an interview that ,”In a way, Super Bowl advertisers are acting like people are acting in the economy, which is they’ll buy only if there’s a deal. If the price is right, people will step up.” This is true because many bigger companies such as Coca-Cola or Nike only advertise to remind consumer that they are there, so the price for a super bowl ad may not benefit the result that they expect to get. Also because the commercial are so expensive and some are never seen again, companies spend millions in the production of the commercial so that it is entertaining for the public and gets their message across. The price of the commercials is worth it to many smaller companies because during the Super Bowl they are able to expose their product to a crowd of millions of people that they otherwise wouldn’t get. Super Bowl ads are said to be the most clever and eye-catching ads that companies put out all year. It is for this reason that many students are even made by teachers to watch the super bowl and write a paper on their favorite ad.

I personally love commercials and the Super Bowl commercials never fail to disappoint. Ever since I was little I remember watching the Super Bowl and remembering which commercials were the funniest so that I could talk about them the next day in school with my friends. I am sure I was not the only one to do this and that is why I agree with many companies that say that the cost is worth it because of the exposure it gives the product. Money is money and can be made or lost in a matter of minutes so it is always nice to see certain companies take risks and put out commercials during prime time television. Super Bowl commercials have been the talk of people for many years now and are almost as important as the game itself. Some people even joke and say that they are ready to watch the Super Bowl commercials and not the game itself. But whatever the case may be, the commercials reach millions of people and will continue to do so for many years to come. Of course we may not get to see them next year if the NFL has a lockdown. Way to go NFL! Not.

Below are some of the most famous Super Bowl Commercials of all time.


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