Dasher ads = Ads Everywhere

One of the most physical, if not most physical sports played in America and all over the world has got to be hockey. In no other sport is it allowed to knock over a player over the boards or even get into a fist fight with another player. Yes they have a penalty box but that is just a small price to pay for the excitement added to the game. According to The Media Buyer Planner, the most common type of arena advertising are called dasher ads. These dasher ads are the ones that “run around the sideboards surrounding the arena.” These should not be confused with in-ice ads which go under the ice. Since hockey is not a widely televised sport, most advertising agencies rely heavily on the dasher ads to catch the eye of the fans that pay to watch the game live at the arena. The Media Buyer Planner article also points out that TV screens are becoming more common in the arenas to reach fans as they leave or go to the restroom. While “most arenas handle their own ad sales, a couple of companies, including Distinctive Design in Newport News, Virginia, and Matrix Media in Columbus, Ohio, sell across a network of arenas.” This is important to point out because it shows how every situation or arena is different and not all of the advertisements that the fans see are controlled by the arena. Companies such as Distinctive Design dedicate their whole business to selling ad spaces in different arenas and it is no wonder why they are so successful.

Although dasher ads are the most visible advertising in hockey arenas, they are not the only place where advertising can be found. Just like in the NBA and NFL, the National Hockey League is now allowing teams to sell ad space on their practice jerseys. According to a post by Dany Toth on Bloguin, “some NHL teams like the Chicago Blackhawks (Giordano’s pizza) and the Calgary Flames (Rona) already allow corporate sponsorship on practice jerseys. And your Vancouver Canucks are currently looking into bringing in a new sponsor or a current sponsor that would like to buy space on their practice jerseys.” Although this may seem like something new to hockey, the fact is that European teams already have different company logos on their uniforms. While many people in America don’t agree with the look or feel that the different ad spaces provide, I believe that it will not matter in the end because although most owners do care about their fan base money speaks louder than anything. I personally don’t mind seeing advertising on hockey uniforms and it may be because I do not follow the sport as much as I do others so it doesn’t affect me as much. But coming from watching a sport that I am very passionate about and is full of advertising on their uniforms like soccer is, I can assure the fans that even though it may seem hard to accept the fact that their favorite jerseys will be covered with different logos and may look tacky, a few ads on jerseys will not affect the players and their ability to play the game. I personally see this as a win-win situation because the owners get the money that they need to keep a team going and the fans continuously get the game play that they expect.


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