MLB getting creative..FAIL

When you think of a baseball you think of a sunny day filled with hot dogs and peanuts, children running around with their gloves hoping to catch a homerun ball, and just the over all American sport. What if you happened to see your favorite player slide to second base and when he gets up you see the base with a logo of the SpiderMan 2 movie, interesting right? Darren Rovell, an ESPN reporter, stated “that as part of a marketing alliance between Major League Baseball Properties, Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios, webbed logos of the upcoming film “Spider-Man 2″ will appear on bases and on-deck circles in 15 stadiums of teams playing host to interleague games June 11-13.”

This news was not received well by many fans of the sport because they felt as though the move was completely unnecessary and unrelated to sport. Some fans claimed that the move is yet another sign that anything can be bought as long as you give the right price. Bob DuPoy, Major League Baseball’s president and chief operating officer, responded by saying that that fans should not expect to be bombarded with advertising when watching games and that it ,” is not a step toward wallpapering the ballpark.” The term wallpapering came from when the Major League Baseball was allowing different ads to appear on the padding on the outfield walls and other signs around the field. Originally the Spider Man 2 logo was going to be placed on the netting behind the catcher but the league feared that the image would distract the players. Baseball received $3.6 million in the deal between the MLB and Marvel Studios and Columbia Pictures

The reason that I thought this article was really interesting is because it had so many mixed reactions and I also found it strange that two seemingly unlike things worked together. When we think of baseball we almost never establish a connection to Spiderman. Although some people might find similarities such as the case of Geoffrey Ammer who stated that, “This is the perfect alliance between two quintessential national pastimes — baseball and movie-going,” I agree more with the general public in that advertising should be left to the stands or giveaways in entrances to the ballparks and not to the game itself. David Carter, principal of The Sports Business Group, said it best when he was quoted saying, “Some will say this reinforces the convergence of sports and entertainment, while others will suggest the only thing converging is bad taste.” While I do applaud the attempt of MLB trying to reach out and figuring out other ways to make more money, I do feel like they should find unique ways in which they wont anger their fan base which in the end is who they are there to serve in the first place.


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While basketball may not be as wide played as football here in America, it is still the closest to soccer in being an international sport along with Baseball. The National Basketball Association has followed the footsteps of the NFL and allowed teams to sell ad space on practice jerseys. The NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver stated, “We are operating a diverse business all around the world. The sponsored game jersey is a well-established practice in other countries . Ultimately, I think our fans will come to accept it.” The difference between this and the NFL is that it is explicitely said on an article in the Bleacher Report that many NBA teams are resorting to this because of economic problems. Teams such as the Pheonix Mercury and Los Angeles Sparks in the WNBA have already done so on their game jerseys and the articles states that they have experienced “no anger from its fan base.” Since most teams in the WNBA are also owned by owners of NBA teams, it will not be a surprise if we start seeing advertising on NBA game jerseys soon.

While I dont mind the NBA teams having advertising on their jerseys, I do predict a big fan uproar if they were to begin to put brands on their games jerseys. I know that most fans don’t really care about what the teams put on their practice jerseys because they don’t get to see them or even want to buy them. Most fans would be upse if they had to walk around with a Dallas Mavericks jersey with a big Pepsi logo on the front of it. I do understand that the NBA is very tight on money because of todays economy but selling ad space on game jerseys will do more harm than good in the long run because the fans will not be happy and they are the ones that pay to get into arenas to watch their favorite team play.

Unlike the NFL, the NBA has established a different relationship with advertisement companies aswell.  According to the International Advertising Specifications, “ supports a diverse range of online advertising media types and considers itself a leader of the pack in online sports advertising. The media we support have proven to be effective means of reaching your key audiences in an ever-changing digital landscape.” This is a really good way for the NBA to reach out to its many diverse audience group through online advertisement. In doing so, the NBA doesn’t have to rely so much on sponsors during the league games or on the court sidelines.

In this graph we can see the breakdown of how big the ad size can be and other requirements. This was really interesting to me because when I was reaching for advertisements in the NFL none of this information showed up. I do think that it is a good idea that the NBA is doing this because in doing so it separates itself from other American leagues such as teh NFL, NHL, and MLB. By the NBA allowing ad space on not only their practice jerseys but also on their website (, they are able to get the money that they need to continue on successfully without feeling the burden of the economic crisis.


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NFL says “No!”.. right?

While advertising can be found everywhere in sports such as soccer and hockey, other sports are more strict on what they want their audience to watch. For sports such as Football this is very important. The National Football League (NFL) has declined many offers from top named brands for years and trying to maintain the clean look on the jerseys. A spokesperson form the NFL who spoke to Maxine Shen said to believe that ads on jerseys would cause fans to speak up and be strongly against it. The reality is that advertising on your favorite Football jersey is a possibility in the next three to five years. According to the New York Post there is “more than $230 million in advertising money” that is up for grabs if the NFL lets sponsors buy space on NFL jerseys. This money has definitely gotten many sports franchises to begin talking about adding ad space to their jerseys. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, said in an interview,” that its more of the matter of how much, rather than if it happens.” According to Advertising Age, 20 English soccer clubs make over $155 million combined just by selling advertising space in their jerseys.

All of this money has led the NFL  to rethink their position on ad space and they have recently passed a new rule that allows advertising on the practice jerseys of teams. The Green Bay Packers and the Houston Texans were two of the first teams to jump on the opportunity.  Laura Sankey, senior vice-president of marketing and sales for Green Bay, called the possibility of selling advertising space on practice jerseys a “very meaningful” way for a sponsor to link itself with the team because, “a practice jersey patch is a very unique and visible way for a sponsor to be involved with training camp, the team and our fans.” With just two years after the NFL allowed teams to have ad space on their practice jerseys, about half of the 32 franchises have done so.

This is a very interesting topic for me because soccer, the sport that I watcht the most, is full of advertising on the jerseys and I have mixed emotions about the topic. Although in soccer I feel like the ads don’t take away from the jersey, I feel as though adding advertisements on the jerseys in the NFL would take away from the traditional view of the league. For  years the NFL has been fighting to keep this image clean and ad free and I would see it as a set back to give in to the money. I feel as though the fans would be outraged if the NFL were to decide to allow pasting a Pizza Hut logo on the front of Tony Romo’s jersey on the Dallas Cowboys. I do understand that business is business, so I have a strong feeling that the NFL will give in to the money and some of our favorite jerseys will be filled with some of our favorite fast food places. Money talks in todays times and there is plenty of money to go around in the advertising business. So my suggestion to all the fans out there that dont want to see ads on the football jerseys is to watch some soccer games or maybe even NASCAAR


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Battle of the Giants in Soccer

Since soccer is not the most popular and played sport in America, we sometimes fail to realize that it is the most played sport in the world. In the World Cup of 2010 alone, the cummulative audience exceeded 26 billion over the span of a month of international games according to By hearing number like these it is no surprise that advertisers jump to the chance to get their brand out in as many ways as possible. Advertising in soccer can be found everywhere: on the stadium walls, soccer ball, goal posts, teams uniforms, sidelines, players cleats, and the list can go on and on. In order for the brand to stick to the audience it must be carefully placed so that it doesn’t interrupt the viewer from watching the game but still gets the message across.

The most obvious examples of advertising during a soccer game can be found on the teams uniform. From the brand of the jersey to the brands that are strategically placed on the jerseys. According to Seth Stevenson, Nike stopped taking, “a half-hearted approach to the sport” and gave its full attention to the World Cup 2002 teams in order to bridge the gap between them and Adidas. Adidas had been the leader in this area for a while and it wasn’t until the final of the 2002 World Cup when Brazil faced off against Germany that Nike began to use its ads to slam Adidas. Brazil, which wore a Nike uniform, defeated Germany, a well known Adidas user, 2-0. Nike followed by launching an advertising soccer campaign entitles “Joga Bonito” which translates to “Play beautiful”. This emphasized that the Brazilians who wore Nike during the game played beautiful soccer and while the Germans who used Adidas played a more boring and strategic style of soccer.

Two of the biggest names in the world of sports are Nike and Adidas so it is no surprise that they go to extreme amounts to beat out the other. In soccer, teams are classified into brand groups. People can already expect teams such as Brazil, Holland, USA, Korea, Portugal and Australia to be wearing Nike uniforms while other teams such Argentina, France, Spain,  Japan, and the newly acquired Mexico to be in Adidas. This war between goes even further when some of the most famous soccer players begin to be labeled as Team Nike and Team Adidas.

In my opinion this war between Nike and Adidas in the soccer world is very healthy and is a benefit to consumers. While they go at eachother and constantly compete, that only means that quality products can be expected from both parties since one doesn’t want to fall off from the other. By wearing the jersey of their favorite team, the consumers are forced to represent whatever side their team is wearing whether it be Nike or Adidas. I can speak from personal experience that I have always preferred the Nike brand. I am so loyal to the brand that I have refused to by the Mexican national team jersey because they are sponsored by Adidas. Some of my favorite players wear Adidas shoes but that doesn’t mean that I am the first in line to go get the shoes as soon as they come out. I believe that it is important to know to what extent advertisers go to get their brand across to consumers. Its a little odd that even though I do know the strategies used by the companies to get their brand image out, I still have brand loyalty.


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A creative jock?!

Advertising and sports are two very important topics in my life. I have been playing sports, specifically soccer, since I was four-years old. I can point out many weekends when sports would take over my weekends and most of my best friendships were made revolving around the topic of sports. Advertising on the other hand is something that I am very fond. It hasn’t been long since I acquired this love for advertising seeing as though when I was younger I was the one that would cry everytime a commercial would come on and interrup my favorite show. After I grew older I learned to appreciate the creativity that goes into running a successful campaing. I knew that this was what I wanted to do. Advertising became such a big role in my life that I decided to declare it as my major.

For this blog I decided that I would join two of my favorite topics to talk about so that I could analyze both of them at a deeper level. Growing up I would always watch soccer games with my dad and would notice that the uniforms on all of the teams would have tons of different brands on them. Some of the teams would be so full of uniforms that you wouldn’t even be able to tell what the colors of the teams were. I then noticed that in American sports, such as basketball, football, and baseball, advertising were not present on the uniforms. This really made me wonder why it is acceptable  to have so much advertising in some countries and sports and not in others. With these blog entries I hope to answer all of my questions and even learn more in depth about other sports that I am not knowledgable about. I am going to look into the different sports such as soccer, baseball, football, basketball, golf, tennis, volleyball, hockey, and others to find similarities and difference in all of them.

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